Sauna Your Way

Upgrade your traditional sauna or build up to the ultimate experience piece by piece with expertly crafted components from SaunaSpace.

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Small Space Conversion

Amp up your cabinet sauna

Sweat faster and enjoy the benefits of light therapy by replacing the heat source in your existing sauna with a Tungsten Infrared Sauna Panel.

Transform small spaces

Any closet or enclosure can transition into a sauna with a Tungsten, Tungsten Pedestal, and Sauna Stool.

Go from shower to spa

Tap into your shower’s full potential. Our Shower Sauna Conversion Kit sets up (and stows away) in minutes.

Build the Perfect Sauna

Want to create your very own Faraday Infrared Sauna one piece at a time? Here’s the plan.

Thermalight bulb

Technology that Works Like Nature

We’ve perfected our ThermaLight® bulbs to mimic natural heat and light therapy from the sun—minus the harmful UV—so you can feel your best.

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