EMFs and You

Learn how SaunaSpace can help you completely unplug from stressors in your environment.

What are EMFs?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field, a form of radiation created by the movement of electrical charges. Although they’re not visible, EMFs exist everywhere around us. Natural sources like the sun and thunderstorms create EMFs, and so do the many devices in our daily lives.

Our daily exposure to EMFs is rising with our use of technology. Electricity, cell phone signals, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth all contribute to an environment that can add stress on our bodies and lives.

Types of EMFs

Some EMFs are more powerful than others. They fall into two main types:

Ionizing EMFs

Ionizing EMFs are the most intense form. They have short wavelengths and higher frequencies that can break chemical bonds. Common sources include UV light, X-rays, gamma rays, and radon.

Non-Ionizing EMFs

Non-ionizing EMFs are the most common form in our daily lives. They have longer wavelengths and lower frequencies. Everything from cellphones to computers to microwaves emit this type of radiation.

But man-made non-ionizing EMFs are not historically common. In fact, we are being exposed to a billion billion (10^18) times more EMFs in our environment today than a hundred years ago. Most of this increased exposure comes from a narrow technology band in the microwave range that includes broadcast TV, cellphones, Bluetooth, and WiFi—about .2 GHz to 5 GHz—so any effective EMF-blocking solution must block this range well. 

Effects of EMFs

Extreme levels of EMF exposure can have severe health effects. We see this in cancer patients who go through radiation treatments. The high levels of ionizing radiation can cause hair loss, tissue damage, and long-term complications.

The day-to-day EMFs you encounter at home are at much lower levels, but scientists are still studying the cumulative effects of how long-term exposure impacts our health. We do know that EMFs act as a stressor on the body and can create free radicals, which contribute to many conditions when unchecked. Diagnosing overexposure to EMFs can be difficult because of the broad range of symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, sleep disturbances, irritability, and more.

Your exposure varies based on how far away you are from the source. With an EMF meter, you can measure the amount of radiation you are exposed to from various appliances and areas of your home. Read our FAQ to learn how to measure EMFs accurately.

If you would like to dive deeper into the growing research about EMFs, check out the world's largest database of emf-related scientific research or read EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself.

How SaunaSpace Minimizes EMFs.

Limiting screen time and putting your phone in airplane mode are great ways to start reducing your overall exposure to EMFs, but we also take care to make sure our products don’t add EMFs to your home.

In fact, our Faraday sauna is the only model in the industry to block all the EMFs in your environment. See how all of our protective elements combine to create a completely stress-free experience.

EMF Shield

Our industry-leading shield is made of 35% silver, finely woven into an organic cotton cover that surrounds your sauna. The silver conducts electromagnetic charges around the perimeter of the enclosure, blocking over 99.99% of man-made frequencies across the wireless technology band.

The shield comes standard in our Faraday sauna or can be purchased separately as an upgrade later.

Grounding mat

Underneath comfortable organic bamboo is a fully integrated grounding system that protects you from the wired EMFs in your home with the added benefit of earthing therapy.

Light panel guards

The metal cages around our ThermaLight bulbs draw EMFs away from you and back into the outlet.

Shielded wiring

Grounding cables channel EMFs away from you and back into the outlet.

EMF Blocking Sauna

The World’s Only EMF-Blocking Sauna

The Faraday infrared sauna is a totally immersive escape from electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Maximize the benefits of your full-spectrum infrared sauna with industry-leading technology that helps you unplug from the world.