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HyperOxy Ozonated Olive Oil

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HyperOxy Ozonated Olive Oil
Regular price $25 USD
Regular price $25 USD Sale price $25 USD
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Why We Love It

This is the most effective and concentrated ozonated oil we’ve tried. We love it for small-wound-healing and as a natural deodorant alternative. And we’ve been using it for years for all those nagging skin issues: toenail fungus, zits, ticks, spider and insect bites, yeast, amoebas, and persistent bacterial infections like MRSA-resistant staph. It’s also great for irritated mucous membranes.

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SKU: PCHX150000N    UPC: 810018191696

Manufacturer description:

HyperOxy oil is an oxygen-rich, soothing salve and holds a variety of health benefits, but is most commonly used for conditions of the skin and external body. If used as a massage paste, the ozonide acts as an antioxidant, allowing lactic acid and toxins to be released from the pores of the skin.

HyperOxy oil contains so much ozone that it is thick and solid at room temperature (72° F, 22° C).


Olive Oil, Ozone

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