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We’re not the only ones who believe in the power of SaunaSpace. Hear it straight from customers and experts.

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Faraday Infrared Sauna Zero EMF
Faraday Infrared Sauna

My own little spa. It feels like a calm retreat inside and I’m energized afterwards.

Barb G.
Verified Buyer
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Photon Therapy Light
Photon Therapy Light

I love this light and use it many different ways. If I feel like I want a little more heat or some additional warmth on my feet, I put it in my sauna. It’s also great at night as opposed to harsh light or all that harmful blue light from devices.

Bella C.
Verified Buyer
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Photon Therapy Light
Luminati Infrared Sauna

The detox from the near-infrared sauna is the best. No emf, no chemical or toxins. This will cause powerful cleansing at a deep level that you can't get with other saunas.

Kyle H.
Verified Buyer
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Tungsten Sauna Panel
Tungsten Sauna Panel

I already owned a 2 person “full spectrum” sauna from SunLighten. I drilled a few holes and hung the SaunaSpace light. Now, I don't use any aspect of the old sauna except the shell.

Fred H.
Verified Buyer
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