Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing Book


Incandescent near infrared lamp sauna therapy is one of the most powerful, safest and most cost-effective methods of natural healing. It is especially important today due to extensive exposure to toxic metals, toxic chemicals and many infections. The sauna is fabulous for helping to remove all of these from the body and safe for older children, adults and the elderly.

Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D., discusses through 16 clearly-written chapters how saunas help your health, the merits of the different types of saunas, effects on each system of the body, and how to use the sauna at home. Other chapters discuss cautions and contraindications, detoxification principles and healing reactions that sometimes occur with sauna use. Each chapter begins with a stunning testimonial about sauna therapy to help the reader appreciate this excellent healing modality.

Also included is a longer case history with hair mineral analysis retests illustrating the sauna’s deep effects on the body. Both physical and mental/emotional aspects of sauna therapy are covered.

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