Standard Heat Lamp Bulb


Incandescent heat lamp bulbs emit a natural broad spectrum light emission, including red, near infrared and thermal infrared. Our lamps operate at around 850 nm, so we get plenty of mitochondria-activating red and near infrared light (600-1000 nm wavelength band) and they are ultra-low EMF.

The 1150 nm and greater wavelengths emitted comprise the “thermal infrared” that heats our tissues, because water absorbs most light wavelengths above 1150nm. We get plenty of thermal infrared wavelengths from our incandescent heat lamp for effective, gentle, feel-good sweat therapy.

We use red glassed bulbs in Near Infrared Sauna Therapy, because the red glass minimizes glare by filtering out the blue, green and yellow visible light (400-600 nm) emitted, so we only enjoy the healing full-spectrum thermal light emission of red, near infrared and thermal infrared.

120 volt-rated for use in USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and other select countries that have 110-130 volt electrical supply.

Approved by Lawrence Wilson, MD for use in Near Infrared Lamp Sauna Therapy.

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Pay Over Time



BRAND Industrial Performance


.2 lb (.1 kg)


Length: 6 in (15.2 cm)
Width: 5 in (12.7 cm)


Bulb Type: R40
Socket Type: E26
Glass Color: Clear and Red Dyed
Petrochemical Outer Coating/Finish: None
Wattage: 250 W
Voltage: 130 V (max)
Rated Life: 5000 hours